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"We were told before enrolling in Natalie's class that she was "the one" to work with in Chicago, and were not disappointed! The class was informative and we felt empowered to advocate for ourselves at the hospital. At the same time, Natalie helped us develop realistic expectations about the unexpected challenges of labor, without being too idealistic or rigid with our birth plan--a hard balance to strike! It was also helpful to meet other couples going through the same process and we've kept in touch months after the class has ended. Thank you Natalie for sharing your experience and wisdom with us! " -Laura

Kudos from Alderman Ameya Pawar about the Childbirth Prep class at Bloom Yoga Studio: "We took the Childbirth Class by Natalie—and my wife says she learned how to have a baby. The yoga classes are really fun and not intimidating and my wife gives a big thumbs up to their pre-natal and postpartum massages."  -TimeOut Chicago


Childbirth Prep 3 Week Intensive

December 9-20th, Fridays from 6-9pm, register online here or call Bloom Yoga Studio at 773-463-YOGA

January 8-22nd, Wednesdays from 6-9pm, call Bloom Yoga Studio at 773-463-YOGA to register

Bloom Yoga Studio, 4663 N Rockwell Ave

$275 per couple

This class series is designed to prepare couples to move through the labor process in an informed way. The classes are designed to help expectant parents understand the stages of giving birth, what options are available to them and how to make their own best choices. Every week couples will learn hands on comfort measures to help a woman through the labor process and the class will spend time working in small groups so that they get to know one another.

Week one:
-Moving through the stages of labor
-Touch relaxation exercise
-Optimal fetal positioning
-Hands on ways to help a woman with back labor

Week two:
-Partner support and communication at the birth
-How to communicate with medical professionals
-Induction of labor
-Common hospital procedures
-Epidural birth
-Cesarean birth
-Visualizations, affirmations and position exercises

Week three:
-Working with common fears about the birth and parenting
-Extended hands on comfort measures: breathing, touch and labor positions
-The 4th trimester, life at home with a newborn
-Breastfeeding basics

Register online here or call Bloom Yoga Studio at 773-463-YOGA


Comfort Measures For Labor (one day class)

Sunday, November 17th

Nature Yoga Sanctuary, 2021 W. Division St

$75 per couple

To register contact Nature Yoga at 773-227-5720 or online here.

This one day, 3 hour class is designed for pregnant women and their labor support partner. Through both discussion and experiential learning, couples will learn a variety of tools to help them through the birth process. The topics covered are: the stages of labor, what the laboring woman is feeling both physically and emotionally through each stage, when to go to the hospital, hands on ways to help woman through her contractions, ways to manage back labor, how to be a good support person to the laboring woman, massage, breathing, positions for labor and birth, visualization, the use of heat and cold, and positions and comfort measures for the pushing stage.

Birth Basics: Preparing the Expectant Couple for Labor & Childbirth (one day class)

Wednesday, November 13th

Bloom Yoga Studio, 4663 N. Rockwell Ave

$60 per couple

To register call the studio at 777-463-YOGA or online here.

This one time, 2 hour class will help couples learn the basics of giving birth and some comfort measures to move through the contractions.